• Lacee Marinello – Lincoln Nebraska

    Lacee Marinello – Lincoln Nebraska

    My name is Lacee, I am currently living in lincoln, nebraska. I was born in arizona to the city of bullhead in 1995. Growing up my favorite things to do were go out to the lake, go out 4×4 or even just sitting by a bonfire with friends was fun […]

  • Scarlett Beaux – Urbandale IA

    Scarlett Beaux – Urbandale IA

    Hello my name is Scarlett Beaux and I am an amateur model and actress. I have a very professional attitude and am very easy to work with as I take minimal breaks and do as I am told. Currently, I work full time as a makeup artist but I would […]

  • Celeste Brookes – Wichita, Kansas

    Celeste Brookes – Wichita, Kansas

    My name is Celeste and I am new to the modeling world! I am extremely motivated, and very much of a perfectionist in every way. My modeling career is something I take very seriously, and want to pursue to the fullest! I love to work hard and play hard, and […]

  • Nay Lashai – Indianapolis

    Nay Lashai – Indianapolis

    HI! My name is Onjahney Meriweather but you can call me Nay Lashai. I was born in 1995 and I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I have always wanted to be in the modeling industry and I am a quick learner. A little more about my self… I am African American. […]

  • Alexandra Hogan – Kansas

    Alexandra Hogan – Kansas

    Hi! I am a young aspiring freelance model. I would love to get signed with an agency, but until then I’m focusing on freelance. I’d do anything from glamour to alternative. I’m very open minded, love trying new things. I’m hardworking, dependable, very friendly, and modeling has always been a […]

  • Audra Adams

    Audra Adams

    I was born in the wrong decade. I’ve heard it all my life: I belong in the 60’s, filthy hippy, a true bohemian. I’m easy-going and relaxed no matter what is going on around me, the calm at the center of a storm. I’m super comfortable in my own skin, […]

  • Venessa Von

    Venessa Von

    To me the difference between me and every other girl? I’m determined. Modeling is my dream and I’m never going to be that person who gives up. I will put forth 100% no matter what because this is my life goal. It’s going to be one step at a time […]

  • Jennifer Marko

    Jennifer Marko

    Hey everyone! I have been modeling for 5 years. I live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. I’m a huge people person, I get my energy from being around others. I really enjoy doing photo shoots outdoors but really I like doing them in general. I haven’t done any runway fashion […]

  • Nikita Higgins

    Nikita Higgins

    I am a Senior Broadcasting major attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. I have been pursuing modeling throughout my college career. My experience includes walking the runway for a college fashion show, advertisements for Owen Dental Care in 2009 and ads for Ladies Night Out in 2011. I’m always […]

  • Kenzlie Zaccarah

    Kenzlie Zaccarah

    Hi, my name is Kenzlie Zaccarah. I currently live in Toledo, OH but I go to Columbus often. I’ve been modeling since I was a young girl — print and mostly runway. I love fashion and Modeling is my life, so feel free to contact me for whatever you have […]

  • Crystal Jeanotte

    Crystal Jeanotte

    My name is Crystal Jeanotte. I am originally from a small town named Belcourt, ND, but I am currently living in Brookings, SD. My passion and dream since I was a young child was to be a model or be in the business of media. I hope that one day […]

  • Jessica Lilleberg

    Jessica Lilleberg

    My name is Jessica Lilleberg. I am from Minnesota but I am currently going to school as SDSU for Human Development and Family Studies with Minors in Sociology and Counseling. My passion is to work and help people later on in life. I modeled once when I was little, it […]


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