Model Agreement and Site Disclaimer:

*** By submitting your details to be listed on this website, applying for a modeling profile, purchasing and/or accepting a listing on this website (free or paid), or contacting us to be listed in any way, shape, or form by you or someone on your behalf; you are fully agreeing to all of the following terms, conditions, and disclaimers in every way (there are no exceptions)…

You are allowing your information, bio, pictures, videos, and other profile details to be published at your own risk! You assume all responsibility and all liability for everything you submit for publishing.

We do not, can not, and will not accept any responsibility for any unintended or unforeseen consequences that may result from having your modeling profile published on this website, or being hired, or contacted from it.

We have no control over who emails, calls, texts, messages, comments, or contacts you in any other way; for any reason, at any time. And we absolutely have no control over who hires you or who you choose to work with, or communicate with in any other way.

We have no control or decision over who you choose to work with and cannot be held responsible for anything that happens as a result of being hired due to your listing on this website. We are not responsible for any loss or damages or fraud, directly or indirectly, that may result from anyone who finds you on this website.

We have no control over what someone might do with your pictures or contact information; online, offline, electronically, in print, or otherwise. This is the internet and everyone in the world has access to your profile on this website at all times, and some may choose to use it for their own unethical purposes if they so desire.

You can have us remove any or all parts of your profile from this website at any time, for any reason, but we have no control over any other person or web site that may have already taken or used your information/pictures, and we have no power to remove them if they did. Also, if you want your profile removed for any reason then you must give us at least two week’s notice to do so. We can usually remove it within a few days but it may take up to a week or two.

You understand that all information, data, text, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, software, tags, advertisements or other materials (Content), whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated. This means that you, and not Midwest Models, are entirely responsible for all Content that you send, upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available through the Midwest Models website. We do not control the Content sent by you, which is subsequently published on and, as such, we do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content and disclaim any and all liability in connection with such Content now and in the future.

You certify and guarantee that you have the rights to send and publish all photos and/or videos that you submit. If a professional photographer took the photos or videos for you, then you are confirming that you have permission and rights to use these photos for your profile. We do not accept any copyrighted content or anything else that you do not have express consent to use.

You agree that and its owners are hereby granted the right to use and distribute all pictures, videos, and information associated with your profile for the purposes of advertising, marketing, promoting, and/or publicity of the website in any way, both online and offline. You understand that your pictures may be used in marketing, promotions, and advertising for and our network of websites. This includes posting them on social media websites, banners, blogs, web 2.0 sites, video sharing sites, photo submission websites, ezines, in print, and anywhere else that helps spread the word about Midwest Models, electronically or in print.

You (the Model) release the website and the owners from all liability for libel, invasion of privacy, and all causes of action whatsoever in relation to your photographs and profile information, and their use. This includes, without limitation, any liability for alteration of the photographs or information, by this site or a 3rd party, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur.

If any dispute, legal or otherwise, arises as a result of any pictures, video, or other content you submit for your profile, it is the duty of the model to deal with such disputes. and our owners accept no responsibility whatsoever for any such disputes.

If you are under 18 then you must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to be listed on this website. By sending your pictures and/or information, you are certifying that you do have such permission.

You certify that you are at least 18 years of age if you have submitted any explicit, graphic, or nude photos of any kind. We do not allow anybody under the age of 18 to submit photos of that nature.

You understand that there are models who have published nude or semi-nude photographs with their profiles, and you are consenting to have your profile on the site along with those profiles, even if you are not open to that type of modeling. This is not intended as an adult website but modeling is an industry in which provocative, sexual, and often nude photographs are prevalent. Therefore, you agree to be associated with such pictures, whether you are that type of model or not.

You acknowledge, certify, and agree that all pictures, videos, graphics, images, commentary, and text content you submit to becomes property of the website and its owners to be used in any way, online or offline, electronically or in print, for any reason whatsoever. You are giving up your rights to the content by submitting it and allowing it to be published.

If you are a third party who is submitting pictures, information, or any other content on the behalf of a model then you certify that you have their full permission to be doing so. You are legally responsible to represent them honestly and ethically with their full knowledge and permission. And you also agree to everything listed on this page as if you are the model themselves.

We DO NOT allow any fake submissions for any reason whatsoever! If it is found that you are submitting information, pictures, videos, or any other content of someone without their knowledge, permission, or consent, or you are pretending to be someone else, you may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We do not tolerate fakes of any kind!

Furthermore, we are not responsible or liable in any way for fake submissions or any other submissions by anyone pretending to be someone else, or posing as a person that is not them — with or without permission. There is often times absolutely no way for us to know or determine who is real, or who has permission to submit content of anyone else. That is a risk taken of being on the internet.

If we are informed, or we discover, that your profile is fake or any of your content was sent without permission, it will be deleted immediately. This may be done without notice to you, and you will not be refunded any fees that you have paid to be listed.

To be absolutely clear and final… You (model, applicant, submitter, agent, representative) are liable for everything that comes from your profile, both positive and negative. We are simply a means for you to get more exposure in the modeling industry online. We have no control over anything else. Sometimes exposure comes with unintended negative consequences. accepts no responsibility or liability for anything that happens, good or bad, as a result of you having a profile on this website. By accepting a profile on this website you are confirming that you know this and understand it completely, and fully agree to it.

No guarantees of money, hiring, or employment of any kind are made or implied by and its owners. Whether or not you are ever hired is entirely out of our control. Having a profile on may help you get more exposure in the modeling industry but we can’t predict if or when someone might come along who is interested in hiring you, or how much you will be paid. It might happen today or next year, or it might never happen. is not an employment agent or modeling agency and does NOT procure or promise employment, jobs, or booking. We only provide online exposure for you with the intention of helping you find employment, auditions or casting. And we do NOT guarantee any specific amount of exposure for your profile.

You do not and will not receive any direct compensation from for being listed on this website. No compensation of any kind is guaranteed or implied. All forms of compensation are to be negotiated between the model and hirer.

All payments to be listed are final. There are no refunds of any kind, for any amount, at any time, for any reason. Your profile cannot and will not be published until payment is received and you send us your pictures, bio, and other information needed. You may cancel your advertising(profile) at any time and your profile will continue to be live until your purchased time is over — unless otherwise requested by you. However, you will not be issued a refund, full or partial.

We reserve the right to accept or deny all model submissions at our own discretion for any reason, and you may or may not be notified of denial. Sending your payment, pictures, videos, information, or any other content does not guarantee your profile approval. We do not accept all submissions. We have a strict approval process. It is likely that you will be denied without notification.

Again, we reserve the right to reject any model submission at our own discretion for any reason. That is final!

By sending your information and pictures, or consenting to be published on this website in any other way, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to everything written on this page – along with the disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms of use. And you certify that you are fully competent to enter into this Agreement in every way. In addition, you understand that this model agreement and disclaimer is subject to updating and modification at any time for any reason at our sole discretion, and you may not be notified of such changes.

Also read our privacy policy, and terms of use.