Are you an aspiring model trying to get into modeling, a new model needing to boost your portfolio, or an experienced model just looking for more exposure in the industry? Whatever level you are at in your career, you can always use extra marketing/advertising/promotion to land more modeling gigs and other opportunities. That’s where we come in! The entire purpose of this website is to help you get connected with the people looking to hire you.

Your success as a model will strongly correlate with how much you put yourself out there and get in front of the right people. The more exposure you have the better it is for your career. You need to market yourself, and a listing on this site will help with that tremendously.

We are one of the top modeling directories on the internet for aspiring female models and talent in the “Midwest” of the United States. This includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. If you live in or near any of those states then a listing on can certainly benefit you!

The listing fee is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to what a profile on this website could do for your future! Even one small gig on average would more than cover the entire cost! Or you could land a job worth THOUSANDS of dollars, or potentially launch a career worth MILLIONS of dollars for you from this tiny investment.

The cost is only $99 per year for a full listing. If you do the math that’s barely $8 per month. You probably waste more than that every day on junk food or coffee, or some other crap you don’t need! Are you ready to put that towards your future instead?

You won’t find a better opportunity for you to get great exposure in the modeling industry for such a small cost.


Please complete these steps to get your modeling profile published right away:

1) Use the following “subscribe” button to send your payment:

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2) Reply to this email address with your name and transaction number so we can verify payment:

You can also use the form on our contact page if you prefer to send it that way.

*** After payment and verification are sent please complete the rest of the steps below to give us everything we need to put up your profile (send it all together in one email using the email address shown above). We cannot put your profile up until we get all of the following information.

3) Write and send a paragraph or two about yourself for your “about me” section that introduces you to the world in your profile.

– Side Note: Your name will be the title of your profile page. If you don’t want your real name to be used then please send a pseudonym/alias/nickname that you want to use.

4) Send pictures for your profile page.

This is very important! You can probably imagine why these are needed since this is for modeling. You can send as many as you want up to 100 pics, but it must be a minimum of 10.

It’s best if the pictures you submit for your profile actually represent the types of modeling jobs you are looking for (see #6 below for a list). For example, if you are interested in lingerie modeling then send some pictures in lingerie, and so on. If you are interested in many different types then just send a full range of pics that represent you overall.

5) Answer these questions for your bio:

Contact Info (email and/or phone):
Birth Year:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Eye color:
Skin tone:
Modeling Experience:
Minimum compensation required:
Website and/or Social Profiles (if you want them listed):

6) List what type of gigs you are looking for:

Adult — 18+ models only
Body Paint
Nudity (Specify: full, partial, implied) — 18+ models only
Parts Modeling
Performance Artist
Pornography (Specify: types, restrictions, etc) — 18+ models only
…or any other (list anything else you are open to that isn’t listed above)

7) Note how far you are willing to travel for a gig if one arises from out of your area. This is an entire “Midwest” based site so you could be contacted from any number of places away from your city or state.

* Please allow up to 7 business days for us to get your profile live on the website after you have completed all the steps above.

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